Want to learn guitar? Even though having a teacher to work with you individually is indispensible for learning any skill, that’s not always an option, and some of us would just rather teach ourselves online.

So we combed the web to find the best free resources to help you start out or continue your guitar training.  Learning a new instrument is a perennial New Year’s resolution for many.  Are you long overdue?  Time is running out for 2010, but if you start today, you just might be able to play a rockin’ guitar version of Auld Lang Syne by NYE.

These resources will help you spiff up your riffs, harden your callouses, and finally put that wammy bar to good use.




The Guitarists Network

Justin Sandercoe


Guitar Lesson World

Free Guitar Videos


Classic Guitar Instruction

Want the help of a teacher in person? Betterfly can help you find the right guitar teacher for you!

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