Buying a digital piano can be confusing, especially with such a huge selection and so many features to choose from. Dan Maynard, who has been playing piano for over 40 years, helps figure out how to choose a digital piano that is right for you with this guide.

The biggest question I get from visitors to my site is, “What kind of digital piano should I buy?” Does that sound like you? I am going to provide you with the insight you need to help you choose the right keyboard based on a simple principle based self-reflection. Once you understand your style, you will be in a better position to match a keyboard that fits your needs and playing style. What do I mean by that? Find out below.

The 5 player Styles – Which One is Right for You?

Below is a description of 5 possible player styles. Try to discover which one best describes you. Think about how you play, the type of music you play and most of all, what you want to accomplish at the piano.

Please note that you may exhibit or you may think that you display more than one of these player types, but if you really think about it there will only be one type that defines your playing style above the rest. Also, as your playing style matures, you might find that you will explore other types and it might seem that you are a “good” fit for a new player type–but your natural style will always shine through the other styles.

“The Classic”

As a classical performer your fingers pound the keys to seemingly impossible stretches beyond an octave, while at times your keyboard must respond to the slightest touch. From a touch that caresses the keys to heart pounding strength, you’re in control and your keyboard is an accurate reflection of everything that you demand of it.

Highly attuned keyboard dynamics is what you are looking for. Your keyboard is an extension of yourself. Look for a digital piano that has graded weighted keys and that has exceptional sampling technology.

“The Trad”

You are yearning to learn to play piano and are looking to buy an affordable keyboard while you explore your music abilities. You’ve always wanted to play the piano and now you have the time to learn. You are looking forward to the day you can put on a little concert for your family and friends.

You like the idea of buying a traditional acoustic piano to learn on. Today, many piano teachers recommend digital pianos because of the value compared to a traditional piano.

Digital pianos today are so refined that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between acoustic and its digital cousins. But a digital piano does offer several additional instrument sounds, unlike an acoustic piano. Piano teachers note that many young students who practice on a digital piano will continue piano lessons much longer than those students who practice on a traditional acoustic piano; because of the variety of keyboard instruments that can be played on the digital piano, the students maintain interest in learning to play.

“The Improv”

Your fingers love to fly across the keyboard and you’re in tune with your creative soul. You love to find unique chord arrangements and create lightening-fast solos around these unique chord patterns. Your “licks” or improvisations flow almost instantaneously. You can find a chord pattern and solo that just reverberates to the very depths of your soul. Your keyboard is a reflection of that creative process. So look for a digital piano that has graded weighted keys.

One of the best keyboards tailored for your type of style is Yamaha. Legendary greats such as Oscar Peterson play on a Yamaha. I own a Yamaha CP 300 digital piano and it’s the best stage piano available.

“The Comp”

Music is a creative process, and you are at your best when you can sit behind your keyboard and just imagine the possibilities of sounds that can be shaped into the perfect combination of tones. That is your ultimate masterpiece.

Your keyboard allows you to explore and let the world discover your creative work. Your keyboard has to keep up with you, bringing out what you’ve imagined in a way that brings your inner musical expressions to the world for everyone to hear.

Look for a workstation keyboard that brings almost limitless tonal qualities.

“The Rock”

You’re a keyboard player in a rock band or other type of band. You depend on your keyboard when you’re on the road. You’re a roadie and your keyboard gets bounced around a lot and has to be rugged for the road.

A stage piano like the legendary Yamaha CP series or keyboard synthesizer has to be able to generate lot of cool sounds because your band demands it.

Dan Maynard has provided consultation services to a Hollywood movie executive and for the Sundance Film Festival on choosing a keyboard for a-list actors and musicians. Visit Dan’s Piano Keyboard Reviews for more information and useful tips.

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