If you haven’t, you should.

You know how Zumba is a crazy fun party? Well, (dare I say it?) Kangoo is even more fun. Trainer Mario Godiva Green has been on Tyra, CNN, and the Today Show, and we tried his Kangoo Hip HOP class! For over an hour, we were jumping, bouncing and pumping to J-Lo’s “Hit the Floor.”

YouTube Preview Image

The class is high-intensity, but low-impact. You wear these special shoes, called Kangoos, that are like mini-trampolines for your feet. They create a rebounding experience that isn’t limited to the 3-ft radius of a traditional class – you can use them to ramp up any workout.

We were up and going in about thirty seconds; it looks more complicated than it is. You don’t need to have super dance skills either- just remember what it was like to jump on the bed as a kid. The hardest part is actually going to be standing still. Because the base of the shoe is curved (to absorb the shock), it really engages your core muscles to keep you stabilized. All of the jumping brings your heart rate up, but the cushioned landing makes it easy on your joints.

Mario himself is a great motivator, and even though he broke up the class into five-minute “sprints,” everyone was still playing around on their shoes during breaks! You can burn upwards of 700 calories per hour, doing what feels like child’s play.

Here’s us workin’ the Kangoos:

In addition to the hip hop class, Mario does bootcamps and outdoor runs in the shoes. Head over to his site to check out Mario’s personal training and his schedule of Kangoo classes!

I love my Zumba classes, don’t get me wrong, but after trying Kangoos, I’m hooked! What do you think of the new workout?

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