You’ve been asking for an easier way to offer your classes, workshops, seminars, and group events and we delivered (along with some other great changes).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating (and filling) your event on Betterfly:

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It’s Class Time!

Now it’s time to teach your class. Do that thing you do and before you break, remind all of your students to leave you a review on Betterfly.

Class is Over. Now what?


New clients want to be able to see other’s experiences. Invite all of your students again while it’s fresh in their minds. Go to the Promotional Tools section in your dashboard and click “Get Reviews”.

Get Paid

The money you make from your class will be available in your Betterfly account 48 hours after the class end time. If you’ve made at least $20 you can request a check or transfer to a bank account.

Offer your class again

With one click you can offer your class again. Just update details like the date and you’re good to go.

What class are you offering? Tell us in the comments so we can check it out!

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