Since its birth, Facebook has grown from being a social networking site exclusive to Ivy League students to becoming one of the top platforms for businesses to grow and engage with their consumers. Now with over 800 million users, Facebook can be a powerful tool for small businesses to reach new consumers. With your competitors and their mothers on it too, we want to give you the tools to stay ahead on getting the most out of your Facebook Business Page.

1. Getting Started

The first thing you should do is understand why you’re putting your business on Facebook. Just having a Page because you know everyone else is getting on the social networking train won’t help you once you have to start adding content. Once you have an understanding, coming up with some goals for the direction you’d like to take your Page shouldn’t be too hard. A couple of ideas for goals include:

  • Reach 100 (or more) fans to “like” the Page by the end of the week.
  • Get at least five different people to engage on my Page (comment on a post, share a post, like a post)

Once you have these goals in mind, you can break down your daily tasks to achieve these goals. If your goal was to increase the amount of “likes” on your Page, you can think of a campaign that engages your existing fans to bring their social circle to the Page. Betterfly offers a Special Offers Facebook tab that can help you increase your likes by fan-gating the tab. When a non-fan clicks the “like” button, the content of the special offers tab is unlocked and will be revealed until the user clicks to unlike the Page. Promote your special offers to your audience by sharing the link to your tab as a post on your wall.

If your goal was to increase engagement on your Page, you will have to post content (photos, videos, blogs, articles, quotes, etc) your audience appreciates. Some Pages perform better with content from blogs and newspapers, while others receive the most engagement from pictures. First figure out who your audience is and what they would gain the most from. Then, figure out the best time in the day to post on your Page by paying close attention to your activity levels as you post during different times.

2. Choose a Strong Title

The first and most important way to get found on Facebook as a service provider is to have a really good title. When a user uses Facebook’s search engine to find an instructor, they will be searching for the combination of service + location keywords. For example, if Jane Smith is a new Makeup Artist in Illinois, she will be found more by her target audience using “Jane Smith – Makeup Artist in Illinois” than her business name. While it is important to brand your Page, you also want to make sure you can be easily found by new clients if you’re just starting out.

3. Choose Great Photos

Most visitors focus all their attention on the cover photo and profile photo for the first few moments after they arrive to a Facebook Page. You want to take advantage of this by creating a visually enticing photo. The photo could be anything from your work of art to your whole team at work celebrating. Keep it relevant and eye-catching to make users want to stick around and explore more.

Make sure your cover photo is in check with Facebook’s guidelines, or it could be removed.

4. Add Information About Your Business

Your About section is one of the key parts of your profile that help your ranking in search results. Use this section to talk about your business using keywords and make sure to include a URL to your business website.

5. Post Content to Increase Engagement

Posting content to your Page on a regular basis will help you drive awareness and reach as many relevant users as possible. If the content is appealing and favorable, users are more likely to click it and create a story with it (that is, when they engage with it in some way, it shows up on their friends’ News Feeds). Even if you are posting on an empty Page, posting content helps keep your Page relevant in search results. If you are looking to increase your likes, shares, or comments, the best thing to do is understand which content would garner those results. According to social media data expert Dan Zarrella, photos get the most likes, videos get the most shares, and questions get the most comments, and news links bring in the least number of engagement all around.

Start by posting 1-2 times a week then grow to an average of three times a week. Try posting different content to see what works best. Choose one day of the week to summarize new developments in your service (for example: a roundup of classes your fans can register for). Connect with your fans by posting content using “I” and “Me” rather than in the voice of the business–this will let your fans know there is a human behind the voice.

Don’t forget about letting your fans know about the monumental moments of your business as well. Facebook used to only allow you to post content in the present time. Now you can post Milestones, which allow you to talk about epic story of your business.

Need help getting started with a Facebook Business page? offers tools to help!

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